1. Most of these people actually believe in vaccines and trusted their pediatricians, and allowed their children to be vaccinated only to have something happen.
  2. They do not want anyone to be harmed. Not from disease, illness, nor vaccine reactions.
  3. They believe ALL children have a right to a healthy, happy life. No life is more or less valuable than another. And no child is born to become a sacrifice.
  4. They spend more hours a day reading medical and science journals on vaccinations than doctors receive in their entire years of medical school (average is two hours).
  5. They understand very well the difference between causation and correlation, they also know that there is no such thing as millions of the same coincidences.
  6. The statistics on parents who do not vaccinate or delay or skip vaccines actually show them to be the highest formal-educated in our country.
  7. This crowd is not just made of parents, but parents who are also doctors, nurses, researchers, teacher, professors, lawyers, emergency workers, and every other imaginable profession.
  8. These people are not seeking someone to blame, they blame themselves. Instead they are devoting their lives to making sure no other parent has to do the same.
  9. They want nothing more than for every parent to have the information that they did not so that they can make the best decision for their own child and without regret.
  10. They know that labeling them “anti-vaccine” is a tactic to make them seem like they are crazy and discredit what they say, but these are people who are against the “idea”… they are against the lies.
  11. They are loving, caring, amazing people who take their time (which is limited) to speak for their kids who cannot or are not here anymore to do so.
  12. They will stop whatever they are doing to help you find the information you need, without judgement. They will cheer you on and be there when you cry.
  13. They are smart, talented, and so much more than just vaccine issues, and yet they fight on because their kids and yours are worth it.