• NatPro is an 89% organic natural progesterone carried in a vegetable-oil based organic cream. It is supplied in a 60ml plastic user-friendly tube Each tube contains :
• Spring water
• 2000mg natural progesterone
• organic citrus extract
• Glyceryl Stearate
• Vegetable Glycerine
• Sodium Borate
• Cetearyl Alcohol
• Vitamin E
• Titanium Dioxide
• Silver Chloride

NATPRO cream is petrochemical free and does not contain animal ingredients, mineral oils, colourants or chemicals which may leach from the plastic tube into the product and is not tested on animals. NATPRO has a pH of 5.5 which is in balance with that of the skin.


The world has changed radically in the last 50 years, becoming progressively toxic because of man-made chemicals. The result is that Man can no longer adapt to the environment he has created. Consider the general ill-health of the population: people are dying of cancers never seen before, while the incidence of cancer has soared from 3% of the population in the 1920’s to over 40% and is predicted to soon be 50%. Allergies abound and more and more children are suffering from asthma and ADD or ADHD. Many of these are on medication which can cause serious problems in later life. People are dying of heart disease in their 30’s, infertility in the West is rife, PMS is now a recognized condition, sperm counts in the West are down by 50%, osteoporosis is affecting even boys in their teens and auto-immune diseases are very common. What has gone wrong?
80 synthetic chemicals and environmental pollutants have been identified as “endocrine disruptors” which cause hormonal imbalances. Some, referred to as “xeno-oestrogens”, mimic oestrogen and cause an imbalance between oestrogen and progesterone levels. They are present in our foods, air and water and have an effect on us not only from birth, but even from as early as in the womb. They are capable of disrupting biological processes of the body and result in a dangerous condition called Oestrogen Dominance. However, often too much emphasis is on placed oestrogen dominance rather than a lack of progesterone.

SYMPTOMS which can respond to progesterone therapy if they are hormone related:

abdominal bloating
anxiety and irrational fear
arthritis, joint and muscle pains
asthma, especially in adolescence and menopause
attempted suicide
blood clots
breast tenderness and mastitis
bruising and capillary breakage
chronic fatigue – muscular weakness, tiredness, mental
confusion, difficulty in getting up after enough sleep, procrastination and lethargy
cold hands and feet
cracked heels
cravings, eating disorders and binges
cysts, breast and ovarian
dark rings under the eyes
defective luteal phase
depression, loneliness, uselessness, endless crying, irrational
behaviour and violence
dry skin and early ageing of the skin
facial pigment
fainting spells
follicular keratoses ‘goose bumps’ on backs of arms and
eye problems – glaucoma, pain, burning, misty vision,
conjunctivitis and uveitis
hair loss and excessive facial hair
hot flushes and night sweats
hypoglycaemia (low blood sugar)
irregular menstrual flow
lack of confidence and esteem
loss of libido
memory loss
migraine and headaches
mood swings and irritability
nails, flaking brittle and weak
nausea in pregnancy
panic attacks
period pains and ovulation cramps
PCO (poly cystic ovarian disease)
post natal depression
prostrate diseases
SAD (seasonal effective disorder
sinusitis and allergic rhinitis
some cancers of the breast and uterus
sty’s (eyes)
temporary psychosis – confusion delusions hallucinations
paranoia feelings of unreality
urinary tract infections. cystitis
vaginal thinning, dryness and itching
varicose veins
weight gain
water retention and bloating
yeast infections
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Hormone related and degenerative diseases have escalated since the Second World War. Men, women and children are all affected, but interestingly enough these diseases occur predominantly in western cultures. There is evidence that the problem is now spreading to the rest of the world. Researchers are linking the rise in hormone related diseases to synthetic chemicals and pesticides which mimic the female hormone oestrogen, in particular DDT, dioxin and PCB’s (polychlorinated biphenyl’s). Over eighty have now been identified as hormone disrupters, at least half resisting the natural processes of decay, some persisting for decades, some for centuries. There are now over 70,000 chemicals in commercial use today, and every year, approximately 160 billion kilograms of man-made chemicals are used the world over.


• Progesterone is the only counterbalance to oestrogen. It restores hormonal balance and eliminates the symptoms of oestrogen dominance.
• It is very beneficial in treating infertility, and helps to maintain healthy pregnancies.
• It is instrumental in de-activating the cancer (Bcl-2) gene which is activated by oestrogen, and activating the protective (P53) gene which restores health to the cell, thereby protecting it against cancer.
• It acts as a natural antidepressant by increasing Serotonin levels and relieving anxiety.
• It protects against Alzheimer’s Disease.
• It helps reverse osteoporosis, being the only substance known to stimulate osteoblast (bone-building) activity.
• It helps normalise blood clotting and helps prevent hypertension.
• It helps to restore thyroid hormone function.
• It has beneficial anti-inflammatory effects.
• It reduces the incidence of auto-immune disorders.
• It protects against fibrocystic breast disease
• It helps all PMS symptoms and mood swings.

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