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A Natural Alternative for Parvovirus in Dogs

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This is another “Vaccine Preventable” Disease and can be fatal for dogs if not treated.
The vet treatment for Parvo is an aggressive course of antibiotics (which strips the gut and can cause more damage than Parvo itself), drips for hydration and a feeding tube. The dog will usually have to stay at the vet for at least 6 days and the cost of the treatment is approximately R5500.

My 10 month old French Bulldog came down with Parvo yesterday. She had bloody diarrhea and was vomitting every half an hour. She was at the vet a week ago for an ear infection, so I presume she picked it up there. Possibly shedding from a recently vaccinated dog.

I have treated several dogs for Parvo myself, and helped others to treat their dogs at home, but I have never seen a case this bad and I was really concerned that she might not make it through the night.

I mixed Activated Charcoal with EM Health Booster and a little water and syringed 2ml of the mixture into her mouth every 10 minutes from 9pm last night until 2am this morning. She needed to defecate and vomit almost hourly until 2am. We managed to get some sleep until 4am, when she needed to go outside again, but the vomitting had stopped. I gave her another dose of the Charcoal/Probiotic mix and went back to sleep until 8am. On waking, I gave her another two doses then added a capsule of Daily Flora Probiotics to a raw egg, mixed well and syringed into her mouth. An hour later, I mixed another 2 eggs and probiotics which she managed to eat herself.

This is a picture of her bringing her ball to me to play, one hour after managing to eat. She now has lifetime immunity and I’ve saved myself a very expensive trip to the vet!

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