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Christie Hewlett has always had a keen interest in health, but became nuts about health when she became a mother in 2007. She was living in Northern Mozambique at the time, with limited access to decent healthcare and a baby who was constantly ill after suffering an adverse reaction to his 6 week vaccinations.

She turned to homeopathy, herbs and nutrition and hasn’t looked back since. She is currently furthering her studies in Naturopathy, with a focus on Advanced Holistic Nutrition and is on a permanent quest to find the highest quality supplements and remedies available.

The Story of

Christie Hewlett

Christie started the Facebook group, “Vaccine Awareness South Africa” in 2012 to help parents make informed decisions regarding vaccines and the illnesses associated with them. In 2014, she then created the Facebook group, “Natural Health, Nutrition & Vitality” to provide support and discussion for non-vaccine related health issues.

Christie recommends several excellent tried and tested immune boosters, flu busters and health remedies on her groups. It has not always been easy in the past to find all of these products, but now they can all be delivered to your door in 2-3 working days by courier, Countrywide!

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takes the hassle out of finding Christie’s favourite products, and now you can have them delivered to your front door!

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