Chinese Herbs

Chinese herbal medicine has been around for more than 2000 years. Though traditional terms such as Yin and Yang, cold and warm, nourish and clearing are used to describe the herbal properties, it is not associated with any religious thought and is a traditional science. Most of the medicines consist of plant roots, and others of leaves, flowers, seeds and fruits. Chinaherb never uses any animal parts.

Chinaherb formulae consist of a number of substances. The majority of the herbs in a formula will address the aspect of disharmony. The focus of treatment may either be on the acute symptoms, or on the underlying cause. Other herbs will either enhance this treatment, or will add another subsidiary treatment strategy. The remaining herbs either focus the treatment on certain parts of the body, or modify the effects of previously used herbs by boosting their function, or counteracting undesirable effects.

Chinaherb formulae inherited the soul of traditional Chinese medicine culture, but also conform to international production standards, and are manufactured to GMP standard, which adheres to internationally recognised standards for the production of food and dietary supplements.

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