NatPro Organic Progesterone Cream 60g

NatPro Organic Progesterone Cream 60g

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NatPro is an 89% organic natural progesterone cream carried in a vegetable-oil based organic cream. Synthetic chemicals and environmental pollutants have been identified as “endocrine disruptors” which cause serious hormonal imbalances and NatPro addresses these imbalances. Some, referred to as “xeno oestrogens” mimic the female hormone oestrogen and cause a serious imbalance between oestrogen and progesterone levels. They disrupt biological processes in the body and cause a dangerous condition known as “oestrogen dominance.” However, generally too much emphasis is placed on oestrogen dominance rather than a lack of progesterone. Progesterone is the only counter balance to oestrogen. It restores hormonal balance and eliminates the many symptoms of oestrogen dominance which can result in many disease conditions. It is a product which every woman should know about.

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6 reviews for NatPro Organic Progesterone Cream 60g

  1. Nadia Alberts

    The NatPro cream changed my life. My estrogen levels jumped to over 2000 and chemical meds was not an option. Christie introduced me to this product and all symptoms was exactly how she explained it to me. She was with me step by step and today I am thankful because my thyroid is again functioning and my hormones are stabilizing

  2. Chardonnay Vickers (verified owner)

    The product arrived well packaged and just a few days after placing my order regardless of living in an outlaying area. I appreciated the extra information sent with my product on the use and benefits as well as the personal thank you note. I was pleasantly surprised to find this product at such a good price (more than 25% cheaper than other shops). It is also super convenient since THN always seems to have stock, which was a major problem for me in the past with orders from other sites.

  3. Chantel Malan (verified owner)

    After ttc for almost 2 years and after suffering a chemical pregnancy in oct 2018, i started using natpro twice a day from ovulation and on 21 dec, we got our positive FIVE DAYS BEFORE period was due. Currently 7 weeks 🙂

  4. Sarah

    Highly recommend this product! I used it to help with my skin, as I’m prone to breakouts before my moon cycle. A little goes a long way and it worked really well, and cleared my skin beautifully!

  5. Yemurayi (verified owner)

    This stuff is magic and I wish it came in a bigger tub!!!

    I started using it in my 2nd last month of pregnancy and I have never felt better my baby also only had 7 little hormonal rash bumps (yes 7 because I just counted 🙂 no break out… I use it everyday as my face cream and On any wounds or as nipple cream it’s just phenomenal!

  6. Claire Tyers (verified owner)

    Natpro cream has made a world of difference for me in balancing my hormones and relieving hormonal symptoms. My skin is clearer too

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