Pegasus Blue Box

Pegasus Blue Box

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  • It’s simple and easy to use
  • Treats the whole family from infants to the elderly
  • Covers most of the common acute ailments that families are faced with
  • The kit is compact and travels well
  • Safe for use with other drugs
  • Safe for babies as well as pregnant and breast feeding mums
  • Readily taken by children, no alcohol or nasty-tasting syrups
  • Can’t overdose – even if a child swallows the contents of a bottle it’s the same as one dose
  • Comes with comprehensive information booklet to guide you
  • Quick response time with these remedies
  • A once-off purchase, refills available
  • The remedies don’t expire


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3 reviews for Pegasus Blue Box

  1. Gill O’Sullivan

    The Pegasus homeopathic remedies work very well, are safe and easy to use. I use remedies in the Blue Box almost weekly to treat either my pets, friends or family. The remedy descriptions and dosage directions make this product very easy to use, and the range of remedies in the box cover all first aid issues. Essential in every home.

  2. Monique (verified owner)

    It’s a convenient little medicine kit to have around, i take it with when we’re away from home as well, so small and compact. The colds & flu pillules seem to actually help keep a cold at bay sometimes…i take them when i think i feel a cold coming on. Can’t really comment on any of the other remedies in there as the need hasn’t arisen to use anything else much.

  3. Sheyna (verified owner)

    This has been by far my favourite purchase from the Health Nut… A convenient little package that covers basically everything. Any complaint you could possibly think of… go to your cupboard and get out your Blue Box because the homeopathic remedy is in there for sure. Family member unwell? Blue Box! I remember once having a migraine – which is not something I EVER suffer from (I’ve possibly had 3 in my lifetime) but the last time I had one, went straight to the Blue Box and of course – there it was, the migraine remedy… literally 2 doses later I was 100%. Having a young child and another one arriving soon, I can’t tell you what peace of mind it gives me to know I have just about all my bases covered when illness arises. For this peace of mind, along with the Pegasus Blue box, the other necessities you don’t want to be without include Liposomal Vitamin C, organimune, EM Health Booster Probiotic and Rosita Cod Liver Oil (which is on my soon to buy list) *these are just the must haves. I believe that having these a home, you are so well equipped to fight off any nasty sickness that comes your families way, the natural way – without using allopathic drugs and subjecting yourself or your precious family to all the hundreds of side effects that come along with conventional medication. All this being said…. these products would mean nothing to me, without the support of Christie, who is so passionate about health, always willing and available to share her extensive knowledge and guide you in the correct protocols and recommend the best products to assist in fighting illness the natural way by supporting the body’s immune system. When you buy from the Health Nut, you’re not only buying the best products available, that have been extensively researched and handpicked by someone who knows her stuff, you’re also getting so much more in the way of that support that she always goes above and beyond to provide.

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