Reishi Medicinal Mushrooms

Reishi Medicinal Mushrooms


Reishi (Ganoderma lucidum) has been used for more than 4000 years in Traditional Chinese Medicine. It is known as the most highly praised ancient medicine and it is undoubtedly one of the most respected medicinal mushrooms of modern times.

Bioactive Properties and Health Benefits:

• Anti-tumour effect.
May boost immune system.
Can promote interferon inducing activity.
Assists in stimulating cancer cells apoptosis and cytotoxic effect reinforces membrane of cancerous cells to prevent from spreading metastasis).

• Post chemotherapy recovery.
Can reduce side effects of chemotherapy and enhances benefits of other drugs.
May inhibits thrombogenesis and Iysesthrombi on the wall of surrounding cell tissue and removes blockade of cancer medication, thus increases the effectiveness of these drugs;

• Anti-allergy effect.
May suppress over-active allergen production which inhibits histamine release.

• High cholesterol level.
Can reduce HDL cholesterol in the blood and the amount of free fat.

• Cardio-vascular system.
Modulates blood pressure and promotes improved blood circulation.
Improvise the diastolic level which is by far most valuable property.
Increases blood flow of coronary artery.
Lowers the side effects of anti-hypertensive drugs.

• Anti-aging effect.
Improves skin tone, skin texture, contributes to the fading of skin pigmentation due to its antioxidant properties.
Prevents tissue cell and organ degeneration.
Prevents senility.
Assists in maintaining a youthful constitution.

• Anti-diabetes.
Adjusts insulin sensitivity.
Reduces blood sugar level.
Restores pancreas function.

• Anti-HIV activity.
Elevates the natural healing ability of the body.
Allows the body to regain a strong immune system.
Has a cytopathic effect, inhibits HIV-1 PR enzyme;

• Liver protection.
Lowers the GOT and GPT levels.
Improves the function of the liver at chronic hepatitis;

• Thromboses prevention.
Inhibits platelet aggregation due to the natural anticoagulant properties.


The Health Nut

Nutritional Components:

Polysaccharides (Ganoderic acids A, B, C and D)
Lucidenic acid B
Complete proteins


The cultivating process is extremely hard making Reishi an expensive fungus.
Reishi has a large, tough and thick woody body with no gills but instead pores that release their seeds (spores). All six varieties of this mushroom are in fact one species that under different environmental conditions display the six colours in full splendour – yellow (Kishiba), black (Kuroshiba), purple (Murasakishiba), blue (Aoshiba), red (Akashiba) and white (Shiroshiba). Each has been classified in the “Shinnoh Honshokyo” and in the catalogue of herbs written in the Ming Dynasty (1368-1644 A.D.). The red variety is the most commonly used and commercially cultivated.
The hard texture makes Reishi an inedible mushroom, but it is suitable as tea or extract.

Part of the scientific word for Reishi is lucidum which means “shiny” or ” glossy ” and refers to the cap’s surface beautifully glazed effect.
Internationally this incredible mushroom is known by its Japanese name, Reishi.
The Chinese name Ling Zhi translates as the “Herb of Spiritual Potency” and was highly prized as an “Elixir of Immortality” as it was believed to bring eternal youth and longevity.
The 2200 years old scripture “The Shen Nong Ben Cao Jing” is considered today the oldest book on oriental herbal medicine that offers the classification of 365 species of roots of grass, woods, furs, animals and stones in three categories. The first category, called superior, includes herbs effective for multiple diseases and mostly responsible for maintaining and restoring the body balance. They have no unfavourable side effects. Reishi is ranked number one of the superior medicines.
Reishi Mushroom is also known by the name “Lucky Fungus”. In the Taoist tradition, Reishi is said to enhance spiritual receptivity and it was used by monks to calm the spirit and mind. It is also considered a symbol of feminine sexuality as it refines the beauty and complexion.
Reishi has been used in traditional oriental medicine for more than 4,000 years to treat liver disorders, hypertension, fortify the bones and tendons, diminish nervous tension, treat general fatigue and weakness, arthritis, deafness and other ailments.

The numerous studies and observations prove that Reishi has multiple benefits in a very wide range of diseases and symptoms, shows no side effects and can be consumed in high dosages and in combination with other medications.
Reishi mushroom has strong immune stimulating properties due to the fact that it contains a high amount of polysaccharides that are essential for proper functioning of the immune system.
Reishi is recommended as preventive measure rather than a cure and the best solution to modern day symptoms and illnesses such as diabetes, asthma, cancer, arthritis, arteriosclerosis, immune deficiency, fatigue, high blood pressure, stomach and liver disorders, nervousness, stress, insomnia and others.


Growing conditions:

Reishi grows wild on decaying logs in Japan, China, Taiwan, Korea and the rest of the coastal regions of the Far East in densely wooded mountains with high humidity and dim light. 99% of Reishi growing in the wild in Japan are found on old stumps of plum trees. In ancient times people had to go high up on the mountains and deep into the forests to harvest this most valuable medicine.
Wild Reishi Mushrooms are scarce. Out of 10,000 aged trees, perhaps 2 or 3 would have Reishigrowing on them. The spores of this fan shaped mushroom have such a tough outer husk that makes germination extremely difficult and this accounts for its rarity. In the old days when one discovered Reishi, its location had to be kept a secret even from one’s closest relative as a precious possession.

Why Take Reishi:

Reishi has the ability to reduce cholesterol levels, normalise blood pressure, regulate circulatory and respiratory systems. It has a strong antihistamine action that can help control and cure allergies.
Mountain climbers frequently use Reishi, to combat altitude sickness and it is added to many of the performance enhancing herbal formulas used by Chinese athletes.
Reishi contains several major constituents, including steroids, coumarin, mannitol, polysaccharides, triterpenoids called ganoderic acids etc. Ganodericacids may lower blood pressure as well as decrease cholesterol. These specific triterpenoids also help reduce blood platelets from sticking together which is an important factor in lowering the risk for coronary artery disease. In numerous studies it is demonstrated that Reishi has effective properties in serum cholesterol reduction and improving of blood circulation.

The analyses of blood samples taken from patients suffering from any form of allergy have demonstrated a high concentration of allergen (antibody). Chronic bronchitis, asthma, typical dermatitis, allergic maxillary, sinusitis, chronic hepatitis, chronic nephritis etc. are the most difficult to treat. They are allergy-related one way or another and are generally treated by cortisone, a substance that is naturally produced in the body. The studies show that if this substance is artificially introduced to the system continuously than the normal kidney functions are jeopardised and the organ itself starts suffering.
LANOSTAN found in Reishi can suppress the over active allergen production.

With the build up of protein or fatty acids in the blood stream the level of cholesterol rises up to 300 mg/dl (normal level is between 130 and 230 mg/dl) and the protein level showing over 1000 mg/dl (normal level being 230 – 500 mg/dl).
In the cases of high level of cholesterol, the viscosity of blood becomes thick and the heart muscle has to pump harder to transport blood especially to the extremities. This increases the heart load and elevates the blood pressure; it increases both the systolic and diastolic measures. It slows down the function of circulatory system resulting in stiffness of the joints and shoulders, insomnia, anxiety attacks, dizziness, fatigue and in no time this can lead to arteriosclerosis which is linked to hypertension, stroke, cardiac attacks, obesity, lung and liver diseases etc.
The improvement of blood circulation is imperative and anticoagulants are
prescribed. Reishi is a natural anticoagulant

Clinical tests show that administering Reishi instead of insulin can reverse blood sugar level back to normal after one year. Medical complications associated with diabetes also disappear. This is due to the fact that in 1984, Dr. Komota of Tokyo Medical & Dental University, Japan, isolated the substance GANODELAN A and B from extracts of Reishi that are responsible for blood sugar maintenance. Long-term use of this incredible mushroom has significant effect on diabetes.
It has been discovered that Reishi contains b-3-glucan-polysaccharide that is a potent anti-cancer agent.

The Japanese Government states the following: THE JAPANESE MEDICAL FIELD HAS CONFIRMED THAT REISHI HAS POSITIVE EFFICACY and officially lists REISHI as a substance for treating cancer.
Patients suffering from the side effects of drugs such as antibiotics, hormonal supplements etc often acquire other related illnesses. This problem is under serious debate by the medical profession since 1965. The Royal Medical Society of Russia, Australia and England developed a new medical concept of ADAPTOGEN, a substance that is:
– non-toxic (has no harmful side-effects),
– not limited to special organs or tissues, and
– has overall normalizing effect.

Reishi, this amazing “Mushroom of Immortality”, is fast becoming known as one of the leading adaptogens used as a preventive medicine normalizing the body functions with no side effects, boosting the body’s defences and contributing to overall vitality.
Reishi is best used in disease prevention measures. When in a healthy state, the use of this miraculous mushroom will maintain the body’s immunity system and have the vitalizing effect. The continuous use of Reishi will help prevent degeneration of your body, improve your health and attain longevity.
In Japan Reishi is a prescription drug, in China it is available over the counter and in United States it is a well-known dietary supplement.


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