Yabao – 45 Granules

Yabao – 45 Granules

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Yabao is a Chinese traditional herbal medicine that is indicated to assist in the management and the support associated with the discomfort and distress symptoms during teething in children. These symptoms are caused by swelling of the gums and the pain of new teeth breaking through. These problems affect the gastric juices, which, in turn, affect the digestive system. The formula is designed to treat these symptoms and facilitate the child’s progress through this difficult phase. Not appropriate for infants under 6 months.

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1 review for Yabao – 45 Granules

  1. Sarah Henning (verified owner)

    I had tried a few things for teething, but with the last tooth it just wasnt working, and my baby was battling. I ordered Yabao, and started with it immediately. It works really well. I stopped for a couple of days, and then my baby woke up crying last night and biting on her fingers. I gave her some more, she settled, played a bit and then went back to sleep and slept soundly. It tasteds nice too, so its easy to give it to her. Really recommend this, as I won’t use anything thats not natural either. So excited to have found this!

    On a side note, just a review on the Health nut. Their service is amazing and quick, Not only that, I have bugged Christie with so many questions about fevers, vaccines and illness, you name it. She is always so so helpful and gives you so much wonderful advice. I feel so confident in being able to help my baby naturally and quickly. Thank you so much for your time and dedication Christie ❤

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