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My mom in-law and I had the flu with a cough. We started taking Christie’s Glutathione and within two days we felt a great difference. My mom in law even said her back pain subsided, and my skin started looking better. This master antioxidant is something I can say I can’t live without. But especially the health nuts Glutathione, I struggled to find anything on the international market that compares to the health nuts quality.


(verified owner)

Dear Health Nut,

I’ve only recently found out about Liposomal Vitamin C from a friend. So I decided to start taking it to boost my immune system. My immune system has been weakened due the chemo treat that I’m having for my brain tumor. I have to confess…after taking this amazing Liposomal Vitamin C twice daily, I am actually able to cope better after my weekly treatments. When I say cope; I mean, wake up easily, feel more energized and my skin also started improving, less breakouts. The other amazing products were the flu bomb and the vapor rub. These work like a dream. My favorite product is definitely the Liposomal Vitamin C from The Health Nut because it is safe for me to take during my treatment. I also love that it contains no soya, sugar, alcohol, gluten, hexane and is non GMO.
Thank you so much for this.


Michelle “R”

(verified owner)

Love this product! My go-to when I’m feeling under the weather! I give my 6 month old son some everyday to boost his immune system…and extra when he’s got the sniffles (daycare woes). Always make sure I have some extra especially in the cold months.
Kelly-Ann Levack

(verified owner)

I have just recovered from a very bad case of flu. My two favourite products are Flu Bomb and Liposomal Vitamin C. I’ve been using the two together for the past 3 days and dosing my son in between. Feeling 100% again. I avoid doctors like the plague and this combo is the reason I can’t even remember when I last went to see one. Absolutely awesome products!

Annalize Carreira

(verified owner)

My grandmother was diagnosed with colon cancer spreading toward her liver and was told by specialists that she had only a few months left to live. I heard about vitamin C therapy to help treat cancer and started giving her The Health Nut’s liposomal vitamin C (seeing as very high dosage is required). After two and a half months now my grandmother, who was bedridden by her symptoms, is now full of energy and even exercising daily. She developed a healthy appetite and she’s looking better every day.

A big thank you to The Health Nut team for making liposomal vitamin C affordable and readily available in South Africa!

Selma Versfeld

(verified owner)

Amazing! Just had my baby and I feel good … if I start feeling the blues it’s cos I haven’t taken this supplement it’s amazing and helps me a lot!

(verified owner)

I joined a page on Facebook where I saw a recommendation for liposomal vitamin c from The Health Nut. I saw the price and decided to give it a skip, until my family started getting the flu one after the other. After my daughter was taken to emergency for high fevers, I decided to bite the bullet and buy the 3 bottles on special. I can’t even begin to tell you what it has done for our family. My children haven’t been sick since starting and we are already on our 4th batch!?
I have recommended it to family and friends. They can’t believe what an awesome product it is. Thank you.

Tina Jewan

(verified owner)

The liposomal vit c is the bomb! By far my greatest product from The Health Nut. We SAVED my foot & my son’s arm just came through a MRSA infection. Serious..have pics. And cures mom’s skin lesions every time. We so need this stuff!

Tracey Lee Thompson

(verified owner)

My husband is classed as an essential worker and I’ve been dosing him, myself and our 22 month old son with the energetic lung support since the start of lockdown. My husband and son both got flu a few weeks ago and sailed through it without any complications. This together with immu-bomb has been a lifesaver. Highly recommend.
Shannon Theunissen

(verified owner)

My favourite product is Yaboa teething! Cannot imagine how hard teething would have been for my little man without it! Also Liposomal vit c is always stocked in our house with organimune drops! We have never been healthier since we started using liposomal vit c! The Liposomal sinus nose spray is also a game changer for my husband since we live in a very dusty mining area!

Wilmare Botha

(verified owner)

Lipo Vit C.. is an awesome product it’s great for our whole family with organic ingredients .. it surely helping us through this winter months .. boosting our immune systems.. great product …

Deon Isaacs

(verified owner)

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