I order Liposomal Vit C and Flu Bomb every month or two, and I have seen a difference in my 7 and 5 year old. They are healthier and if they get a slight cold, there is no need for antibiotics. It makes a huge difference to their quality of life! I myself struggle with asthma and use the Lipo C to keep myself from getting chest infections.

Angelique Gaspar Newey

I buy Lipo C in Bulk! I had a winter baby last year and really battled to get rid of the blocked and stuffy nose. I came across The Health Nut on Facebook and decided to try it for my daughter who, at the time, was 4 months old. 2 days later her congested nose, that I literally tried everything for, was clear. I have since used it for myself the minute I feel a cold or flu coming on and it works wonders! Really a must have in the medicine cupboard for the whole family! xx

Carmen Steynberg

HI There, I’ve only just ordered your products last week and wow what a difference already. I started all of us on the Liposomal. My 5 yr old was sinus-sy, I was nasal and congested after having a bad flu three weeks ago and still wasn’t clear, bf had inflammed tonsils and something was brewing with him and my 3month old twins were snotty. I gave all of us two days worth of doses and WOW, we are ALL clear and back to normal. After me suffering with horrible infected sinuses and doing saline rinses three times a day everyday for three weeks, I couldn’t believe in two days I was clear and still am. My twinnies are totally clear as well. Thank you. Nicolette Meyer

I was recently diagnosed with De Quervain, which is a very painful condition in the wrist and thumb, for the second time in several years.

The previous time when I had this condition, I went to a hand surgeon and had to have cortisone injections into my wrist (very unpleasant), followed by keeping my wrist strapped up for 6 weeks and visits to a hand specialist on a regular basis, who gave me various exercises. This was several years ago and my wrist eventually healed.

When I started getting this pain in my wrist and thumb again, I was determined to cure it the natural way and started by strapping it, which kept it from moving too much and inflicting pain in the area, but it was still very uncomfortable and painful if I removed the strapping.

Two weeks ago I started taking The Health Nuts Curcuboost and the pain in my wrist is completely gone and I have stopped strapping my wrist. The pain in my thumb is also much better. I cannot believe the difference the Curcuboost has made. I can actually feel that the inflammation has gone. Marianne Mackenzie

I have tried hundreds of different products and spent a fortune in doing so. I had resigned to the fact that going bald is something I must just accept. Last month I was at a lunch and someone told me about Hair, Skin and Nails (HSN).
Within the 1st week I had to call her and ask what was in this product because I felt amazing. I had more energy and enthusiasm for my day, obviously my hair wasn’t sprouting yet but this was an added bonus that I had to question.

I’ve certainly noticed my hair loss has stopped amongst all the other added benefits that come with this amazing product. Simon D

I honestly can’t give just one specific testimony on one product. I absolutely love everything I have ordered and used so far for my family. And through my journey with these products I have a few family and friends I now also order for. I am always recommending The Health Nut to everyone that mentions a problem they have. I’m totally grateful to have ‘social media’ met Christie, who has given me the confidence to trust my gut and to also trust her unending knowledge. So, thank you to The Health Nut team for always bringing us superior products that have truly benefited my whole group of loved ones! Judy Ann Vd Schyff

Hey Health Nut
Well, my sister gifted me your Lipo Vit C just before winter… and I was skeptical…?

But… it got me and my 4 kiddies (ages 4months to 8years) through winter… with no serious infections or those horrible tonsillitis episodes… and the yearly common cold was a breeze…

The best part?… it’s safe for breastfeeding and it passes through my breastmilk to my EBF 4 month old girly!!
Absolute great product!!? Sieglinde Krüger

I’m new to the Health Nut and so glad to find you and your amazing products.
2 weeks ago I ordered my first order and Yay!! my family survived after a week of heavy illness and flu.
Liposomal Vit C and Omega Herbal 48 is definitely one of my favourite products… I will never be without them again.
Thanks for your amazing service, it was in time to tackle all the germs and viruses.
Merinda Nagel ? Merinda Nagel

2017 was a horrible year for us. Creche fever got us down. My LG was constantly sick with flu, tonsillitis or ear infection. We even ended in hospital. And every time she would pass on whatever she had to her dad. It got so bad that he had to have his tonsils removed becaus he had a constant infection. Then we got gifted a bottle of Lyposomal Vit C and this has been a game changer. Whenever there is a sniffle coming along, I just dose the two of them and it almost immediately subsides. We have managed to evade doctors and antibiotics for most of the winter. I would recommend this to anybody and I will never go through another winter without it!! Rozanne Ru Kotzee

I have been using your liposomal vit c for a while and recently tried your flu bomb. I must say that it has been working brilliantly on my son. My husband was very hesitant but tried it himself when he got ill. He was so impressed and my husband dont believe in natural healing but your product has opened his eyes. Thank you so veru much. Nolene Fourie

My absolute most favourite product is the Lypo Vit C! It had helped for literally EVERYTHING since i started using it 2 years ago! From the general flu, to tummy bugs, and as a general immune booster! My kids (2y, 5m & 4.5m) has NEVER seen a hospital (besides birth) or DOCTOR as i truely believe this amazing product is one of the main reasons they never needed a doctor! Marinique Bell

I use the Liposomal Vitamin C for my whole family. I have 4 children of which the youngest is now 7 months old and the oldest is 11. I have now been using the liposomal for 5 months and normally I had monthly visits to my GP with 1 or all of my children, since we started using the liposomal there has been no doctors visits at all. This is saving me money and giving me piece of mind seeing that I do not have to worry about the long term effects of antibiotics on my children and my self seeing that nobody uses them any more. Wolene Trutervisagie

Since my daughter was born, she has been one of those babies who reacted terribly to vaccines (we stopped after her 6 month ones) as I could not go on with how sick she got from them. Having an older brother by 2.5years, she was exposed very young to germs he brought home from preschool. We were at doctor every month with her. In her short 3 years of life we were given countless bottles of cortisone for her chest, neb medications, antibiotics you name it. After being hospitalized last year with both my kids for a week, I could not take it anymore. I did NOT want to see doctors anymore! I needed a healthy solution. I happened to stumble across a FB post about a baby who miraculously recovered from all sorts of awful sickness from “The health nut’s liposomal vitC”. I thought I have to try this, I have NOTHING to lose. Christie was running a special 3 bottles for 2 and I ordered. My kids had just come off all kinds of meds as mentioned before, initially I gave them both 5ml 3xday just to boost their little systems, once they were on a good run we dropped it to 5ml daily. This product is beyond incredible! we have stayed clear of doctors for months, unfortunately my product ran out and my kiddies did catch a cold again, however it was milder and we managed to avoid the doctor.

  Lauren Smith

I just need this… i have consumed over 10 bottles of this just on my own!!! My staple health source for sure! My little girl is here because of this stuff! Angie Gouws

Lipo Vit C.. is an awesome product it’s great for our whole family with organic ingredients .. it surely helping us through this winter months .. boosting our immune systems.. great product .. Deon Isaacs

I absolutely love the liposomal vitamin C. I recommend it to everyone especially moms for their children. My 21 month old daughter was getting colds and flu’s often from beìng in contact with other children at all her activities. I learned about liposomal vitamin C on the Vasa group and soon after ordered 3 bottles. I have just opened the 3rd bottle. I administer the 2.5 mil dose to my daughter daily and am so thrilled to say it has kept her free of colds and flu’s through the coldest months of the year. I began feeling fluey myself the other day to the point where I could feel a heavy throat infection coming on with a slight cough. After administering just 1 dose of the product that evening I woke up the next morning symptom free. The stuff is magic! Danielle Rigas Contino

I love every product I have ever bought from the Health Nut! The knowledge that Christie has on each product and the information she carries about how to treat and diagnose is amazing! I have personally used liposomal vit C for all 3 my toddlers and I have seen such a positive change in their resistance against cold, flu and tonsillitis to name a few. When they do actually get sick, it is for no more than 3 days and we have stopped the use of antibiotics all together! Natpro is another product which I actually did not know I needed, but after a fast & effective diagnosis by Christie, I have now been using it for two months and I feel so much better! She has helped me save my marriage! Natasha Ku

The liposomal vit c is the bomb! By far my greatest product from The Health Nut. We SAVED my foot & my son’s arm just came through a MRSA infection. Serious..have pics. And cures mom’s skin lesions every time. We so need this stuff! Tracey Lee Thompson

My grandmother was diagnosed with colon cancer spreading toward her liver and was told by specialists that she had only a few months left to live. I heard about vitamin C therapy to help treat cancer and started giving her The Health Nut’s liposomal vitamin C (seeing as very high dosage is required). After two and a half months now my grandmother, who was bedridden by her symptoms, is now full of energy and even exercising daily. She developed a healthy appetite and she’s looking better every day.

A big thank you to The Health Nut team for making liposomal vitamin C affordable and readily available in South Africa! Selma Versfeld

My favourite product is Yaboa teething! Cannot imagine how hard teething would have been for my little man without it! Also Liposomal vit c is always stocked in our house with organimune drops! We have never been healthier since we started using liposomal vit c! The Liposomal sinus nose spray is also a game changer for my husband since we live in a very dusty mining area! Wilmare Botha

I joined a page on Facebook where I saw a recommendation for liposomal vitamin c from The Health Nut. I saw the price and decided to give it a skip, until my family started getting the flu one after the other. After my daugther was taken to emergency for high fevers, I decided to bite the bullet and buy the 3 bottles on special. I can’t even begin to tell you what it has done for our family. My children haven’t been sick since starting and we are already on our 4th batch!?
I have recommended it to family and friends. They can’t believe what an awesome product it is. Thank you. Tina Jewan

I have just recovered from a very bad case of flu. My two favourite products are Flu Bomb and Liposomal Vitamin C. I’ve been using the two together for the past 3 days and dosing my son in between. Feeling 100% again. I avoid doctors like the plague and this combo is the reason I can’t even remember when I last went to see one. Absolutely awesome products! Annalize Carreira

Dear Health Nut,

I’ve only recently found out about Liposomal Vitamin C from a friend. So I decided to start taking it to boost my immune system. My immune system has been weakened due the chemo treat that I’m having for my brain tumor. I have to confess…after taking this amazing Liposomal Vitamin C twice daily, I am actually able to cope better after my weekly treatments. When I say cope; I mean, wake up easily, feel more energized and my skin also started improving, less breakouts. The other amazing products were the flu bomb and the vapor rub. These work like a dream. My favorite product is definitely the Liposomal Vitamin C from The Health Nut because it is safe for me to take during my treatment. I also love that it contains no soya, sugar, alcohol, gluten, hexane and is non GMO.

Thank you so much for this.

Mich Michelle “R”